Teeth Whitening in Singapore

Teeth Bleaching Clinic in Singapore

Create the perfect smile with our restorative dental procedures. At our Singapore clinic, we provide in-house teeth whitening treatments and take-home kits that will give you sparkling, white teeth. Our dentists provide affordable, non-invasive cosmetic solutions that consistently produce results.

Tooth Discolouration

Over time, teeth can become discoloured due to a number of reasons. Aging can have a significant effect on your smile, giving it an unhealthy, yellowed look. Excessive consumption of coffee, tea and red wine can permanently stain your pearly whites, while smoking also has adverse effects on your oral health and the general appearance of your teeth. At The Orthodontic Clinic, we offer two treatment options that aim to reverse these effects.

In-House Whitening Procedure

Our teeth bleaching treatments will give you a younger, healthier looking smile. To achieve instant results, our dentists simply apply a hydrogen peroxide gel to affected areas. This will break down the molecular bonds staining your teeth, restoring them to their former glory. During this procedure, your gums will be protected with a special covering to prevent irritation and tissue damage.

 Teeth Whitening Kit

Our take-home bleaching kits are a cheaper and more convenient alternative to in-house treatments. They allow you to whiten your smile in the comfort of your own home. While they can take up to two weeks to have an effect, our whitening kits also produce good results. Equipped with a custom-fitted tray that is moulded to the shape of your mouth, they are also a good way for patients to maintain their in-house treatment.


Veneers are a form of cosmetic dentistry used to protect and improve the appearance of your teeth. Made of a composite resin or porcelain, veneers are placed in a thin layer over the surface of your tooth in order to achieve a more aesthetically pleasing shape or colour. This treatment can also be used to close gaps and achieve an even smile as well as restoratively to repair fractures on a single tooth.

Click here for a look on how Veneers work.

Dental Crowns and Bridges

Restore Your Smile with a Dental Crown At Our Singapore Surgery

At The Orthodontic Clinic, we repair broken smiles with up-to-date restorative treatments. Our dentists specially design and fit porcelain prosthetic crowns to strengthen and improve the appearance of damaged teeth.

What Is A Crown?

A crown is a dental implant that is used for cosmetic and restorative purposes. They are fixed prosthetic caps that are placed over existing teeth. A crown will strengthen your teeth while also improving its overall appearance, shape and alignment. They can be used to replace a large filling, protect weak teeth from fracturing or to attach a dental bridge. Dentists also use them to conceal implants, discoloured teeth and damage from root canal treatments.

Dental crowns are made from stainless steel, metal, porcelain, ceramic or resin compounds. These materials differ in appearance, cost and longevity.

The Dental Procedure

At The Orthodontic Clinic, we offer thorough consultations in a warming, inviting professional environment. During your consultation, we will identify issues and discuss treatment options. If necessary, we will arrange to book a separate appointment to take an impression of your teeth, so that we can design a dental crown to exactly match their shape and colour. Patients will then return for a second visit to have the finished crown fixed into place. In order to make this procedure as painless as possible, our dentists often use local anaesthetic to numb your mouth. They work quickly and carefully to ensure that your crown blends seamlessly into your smile.

Conventional 3-unit bridge treatment

Implant-borne single-tooth treatment