Dental Implants in Singapore

Prosthetic Teeth Implants Available in Singapore

At The Orthodontic Clinic, we repair broken smiles using a wide range of restorative treatments. Our dentists provide dental surgery to replace missing or damaged teeth with high quality, porcelain dental implants. Using cutting-edge technologies and high-quality equipment, they can quickly and efficiently complete your smile.

Importance of Dental Implants

Teeth implants will improve your appearance and maintain your oral health. A missing tooth can cause irreversible damage to your smile. This is because the surrounding teeth may shift to fill the gap, changing the overall structure of your jawline. Adjacent teeth may also be overloaded and prone to fracture. In order to avoid this from occurring, it is important to seek immediate dental assistance upon losing a tooth — which is why you should make an appointment at our conveniently located clinic in Singapore today.

Dental Surgery in Singapore

A dental implant is an ideal alternative to dentures if you are only missing a few teeth. Our implant treatments are extremely straightforward and effective. They involve a small, titanium screw being fitted directly into the jaw bone. A crown is then fitted over the screw to make it look like a natural tooth.

With a high level of precision and attention to detail, our dentists will make sure that your implant blends seamlessly into your smile. They take great care to make this procedure as painless as possible, working quickly and efficiently to produce good results.

Aftercare Instructions

Following treatment, you may experience slight swelling or bruising. It is important that you maintain a high level of oral hygiene during this time, making sure to brush and floss thoroughly, as well as using the mouthwash prescribed by your dentist.

Fixed restoration with 4 implants, posterior are tilted

Fixed Restoration with 4-6 implants. all straight